Give It Up 4 Peace
Give It Up 4 Peace
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This October 2019, what will you give up for peace?

We are excited to host PeaceGeeks' 3rd #GiveItUp4Peace challenge. We challenge you to give up something you can't live without to show your support for newcomers who have given up everything they know to begin their new lives in Canada.

Thanks for participating in #GiveItUp4Peace!

How It Works

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Decide what you will give up for the month of October.

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Set a fundraising goal and ask your friends to donate to support communities in pursuit of peace.

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Give It Up!

From Oct. 1-31, complete your Give It Up challenge every day. Share your journey using the #GiveItUp4Peace hashtag.

Join us for our annual #GiveItUp4Peace challenge.

At PeaceGeeks, we develop digital tools, skills training, and knowledge sharing to empower communities in the pursuit of peace.

By participating, you make it possible for us to scale our initiatives to reach even more communities in need. From our Arrival Advisor app helping newcomers successfully settle in Canada, to our program empowering young Jordanians to combat hate speech — these projects would not be possible without donations. By fundraising for PeaceGeeks or making a donation, supporters around the world help us put the power of tech for peace in the hands of those affected by displacement and conflict.

Learn more about PeaceGeeks' projects at

Support newcomers to Canada

Canada is set to welcome 1 million newcomers by 2021. But how well are we supporting individuals after they arrive?

At PeaceGeeks, we partner with immigrants and refugees, settlement agencies, and community organizations to develop tools like Arrival Advisor that help newcomers to take charge of their settlement journey and thrive in Canadian communities.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 3 newcomers remain unaware of services available to them (Vancouver Immigrant Survey, 2015)
  • 61% of Canada's population growth is from new immigrants
  • 153,000 newcomers currently live in Metro Vancouver
  • +68.5 million people have been displaced by conflict, disaster, and persecution (highest number since World War II)

Show your support.

Join #GiveItUp4Peace in solidarity with individuals and families who have given up everything to start their new lives in Canada, and raise money towards projects that make a difference for newcomers.

Thanks to last year's funds...

PeaceGeeks was able to continue the development of our app Arrival Advisor, and in March 2019 we launched Arrival Advisor in British Columbia.

Last year, over 75 individuals and 12 teams gave up something for peace, helping us raise $51,426 towards PeaceGeeks' projects.

Participants gave up their bed, using the internet, wearing shoes, drinking a cold beer, and even having a morning coffee. All in the name of supporting peace, resettlement, integration, and inclusion. Let's make an even bigger impact this time!

31 days. 1 thing you "can't live without".

Will you give up

coffee plastics sugar microwaves texting driving meat take-out television shopping alcohol electronics

for peace?