This year, we raised


of our $45,000 goal
towards PeaceGeeks' tech projects for peace!

Give It Up 4 Peace
Give It Up 4 Peace

At PeaceGeeks,

We work with refugees, immigrants and communities at risk to use tech for peace. Thank you so much for your support!

PeaceGeeks is a Vancouver-based nonprofit that builds digital tools to empower communities in the pursuit of peace. Every day, conflict and crisis force people to give up their life as they know it. This October, we challenged individuals to give up one thing for the month, and raise money towards PeaceGeeks projects helping those forced to give up everything in face of conflict and displacement.

Thanks to supporters like you for fuelling PeaceGeeks' mission to advance peace and support communities at home and abroad!


of $45,000 raised

Thank you for giving it up 4 peace.

By fundraising for PeaceGeeks or making a donation, supporters around the world help us put the power of tech for peace in the hands of those affected by conflict and displacement.

From our app helping newcomers successfully settle in Canada, to our program empowering young Jordanians to combat hate speech — these projects would not be possible without donations.

Whether you donated, gave up something, or learned about PeaceGeeks along the way, thank you for making this the largest fundraising campaign we've ever run. You make it possible for us to scale our initiatives to reach even more communities in need. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— From all the volunteers, staff and partners of PeaceGeeks

31 days. 1 thing you "can't live without".

Will you give up

coffee plastics sugar microwaves texting driving meat take-out television shopping alcohol electronics

for peace?

The Projects You're Supporting

Pathways helps refugees and immigrants start their new life in Canada, every step of the way.

Designed alongside newcomers and settlement organizations in Metro Vancouver, including MOSAIC, ISSofBC and SUCCESS, the Pathways app helps newcomers create a timely action plan to settle and thrive in Canada, personalized to their needs and circumstances. Learn more.

Your funds will:

  • Support the app launch and scale it across Canada
    Help us ensure the app successfully reaches newcomers most in need, in British Columbia and beyond

  • Connect newcomers to people who can help them navigate their next career
    Support the development of a new app module that matches newcomers with their most relevant employment mentors in the community

Meshkat Community (مجتمع مِشكاة) empowers the next generation of digital peacebuilders to challenge violence and polarization online.

Launched by PeaceGeeks in Jordan, Meshkat Community hosts workshops, incubation programs, collaborative networks and runs a digital hub for youth and members of at-risk communities. Participants learn to use the power of locally-relevant content — blogs, audio, videos, visual art, social media — to strengthen peace and tolerance online. Learn more.

Your funds will:

  • Catalyze the Digital Peace Youth Network
    Equip at-risk Jordanian youth to convene and engage with their peers in positive and responsible ways, and act as active peacebuilders in their communities

  • Set up Digital Peace Creators Labs
    Provide youth in under-resourced communities a community space to regularly access media equipment, meet mentors and incubate projects

  • Enable more workshops and incubation programs
    Convene community members to understand local risk factors of violence and collaborate on content that responds positively to their community's vulnerabilities

Participating teams

We challenged you to give up something for the month and raise money to help communities at risk use tech for peace. Meet some of the fundraisers who gave it up!

Meet the individuals who gave everything from sugar to shoes

How It Works

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Corporate Teams

Join leading companies in giving it up and make a positive impact for refugees, immigrants and communities at risk!

#GiveItUp4Peace is a great way to propel tech for peace and humanitarian action, while engaging employees in a fun and competitive challenge.


Benefits for you

  • An online Fundraising Page for your team
  • A designated PeaceGeeks ambassador to help you meet your goals
  • PeaceGeeks can host a Lunch & Learn for your team
  • Opportunities to volunteer with PeaceGeeks
  • Marketing opportunities and brand visibility

Interested to take part or sponsor next year?

Corporate partners, which include businesses of diverse sizes and industries, are integral to making #GiveItUp4Peace possible. Contact us to learn more.

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